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Curb Appeal is Important, Get it Cleaned up

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” That statement never rings truer than it does with selling your home in The Woodlands, TX. If you can’t get potential buyers to want to take a look inside your home, then you’ll never be able to get an offer. That’s where curb appeal comes in. The more enticing your The Woodlands, TX home looks from the outside, the more home buyers will want to come inside, take a look around and start putting in offers. It’s an important element of showing your property that can’t be overlooked.

As a rockstar in The Woodlands, TX, I try to give my clients ideas on how to boost curb appeal that won’t break their bank. Here are a few penny-saving ideas that will have your home looking more enticing than ever during showings:

•    Add a layer of mulch. This quick fix is inexpensive and will cover up any major flaws in your landscaping. It also gives your property a just-maintained look that will enhance the appeal of your yard. The darker the mulch the better, and putting a layer next to a green lawn will really make for an eye-popping entrance.

•    Make your front door your focus. If your door knob or bolts look dated, give them a more modern upgrade. You’d be surprised how much better your door would look from those small enhancements. Make sure that you also clear a path to your front door, creating a clean and easy-to-access entrance. Add a potted plant with a nice scent by the front door for good measure and your entryway will be ready to go.

•    Don’t overlook the fence. So many people overlook their fence and fail to notice the discolorations or structural damage to it. Use a stain to even out discolorations and repairs and make the fence look newer and well-maintained.

•    Do a little cleaning. In order to make your exterior really shine, you’re going to have to use a little elbow grease. The best way to figure out trouble spots that need to be cleaned is to stand at the edge of your driveway and look for stains. If you were a buyer, what would you want to see cleaned up? From there, rent or borrow a pressure washer and get to work sprucing up your home’s exterior.

•    Don’t be afraid to add a little color. In order to spruce things up and make your property really pop, add an accent color to shutters, window casements and the front door. This will give the property some personality and make it more eye-catching to buyers passing by.

•    Add a little lighting. When night falls, install some lights along the path that will illuminate your home. You’ll find that it will showcase your property in a stunning way, and the lights will be relatively inexpensive and easy to add to your exterior.

All of these fixer-uppers are inexpensive, easy-to-implement and will have your home looking better than ever. You’ll increase your property’s intrigue, making more buyers want to come in and see the inside of your home, thus seeing more offers. By making curb appeal a priority, you’ll be starting your home selling process out on the right foot.

If you have any questions about how best to list and sell your home in a tough market, don’t hesitate to The Woodlands, TX. As a real estate resource for the area, I’d be happy to help. I hope to hear from you soon!

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Boost The Curb Appeal of Your Home in The Woodlands