Does your burger grow on you?  How do you find the best burgers in The Woodlands?  I have challenged myself and now, I will do that for you?  I am going to go on a quest to find the best burger in our area.  I am getting hungry just thinking about it now.  In my lifetime I have eaten everything from greasy fast food to gourmet burgers, mostly greasy ones!  The most expensive burger I have paid for was nearly $25.  I think it was Kobe Beef, I am still not sure what Kobe beef is.  Maybe I should find out more about it.  Getting started for the local locations,  I searched google for Hamburgers in The Woodlands and found that there are several good joints listed.  There were also several websites that just confused me.  So, I thought I would go further and went to facebook and asked the question, “what is the best burger in The Woodlands?” and I received a big range of answers from McDonalds, (YUCK) to Five Guys to Jax to Jerry Built to Jaspers… I bet there are close to 50 different restauraunts that serve the old fashioned hamburger.  I guess the best way to get started is to just get started.   I will map out a few off the charts and see what out of the way burger bar I can find.

What should I consider in my rankings for my search?  Is it just about the meat?  What about a turkey burger?  Should I also think about the vegetables?  How about the bread?  Then, should they put fries or tater chips with the sandwich? Oh, and one more thing… does the drink make a difference?  Is a burger better with a beer, soda or milkshake?  I have enjoyed all three.

Stay tuned, as i get ready for the red meat express!!  I will find out the best burger in The Woodlands

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Does your Hamburger Grow on You | Best Burgers in The Woodlands