real estate checklistYou’ve decided to buy The Woodlands, TX real estate. Congratulations! I am here to help your search for the perfect piece of The Woodlands, TX real estate for you go more smoothly. Sometimes home buyers make the mistake of looking at homes that do not meet their criteria, or spending too much time debating over a home that isn’t quite right for them. Having a checklist of what you want, and comparing each piece of The Woodlands, TX real estate you come across against that checklist will help immensely.

Is the house in my price range?

Before going on a search, you want to nail down a specific number that will be the upper limit and stick to it. For example: “I will not view homes that are listed for over X number of dollars.” This keeps you from at best wasting time and at worst ending up with a mortgage you cannot afford.

Is the house within my specified location?

Before searching for The Woodlands, TX real estate, determine exactly which neighborhoods you are willing to live in and don’t waste time looking outside of them. Take into consideration school district boundaries, proximity to high ways and transportation, and other factors that are important to you. If you are only willing to commute 30 minutes to work, do not bother looking at houses that are a 35 or 40 minute drive away.

Is this the type of house I need?

Do you want a condo or a free-standing single family home? Is a garage important, or are you willing to park on the street? How many bedrooms do you need? (Take into account any planned children for the future.) Make a list of the absolute musts in terms of the physical structure itself. When a house that doesn’t meet these criteria but is in your price range and location comes along, resist temptation to go view it. It is worth waiting for what you want.

Does this house have anything on my wishlist?

So the first three items listed here–price, location, and physical structure–are all absolute musts. Anything that meets those three criteria, you want to view. Beyond that, go ahead a create a “wish list.” Maybe a large yard isn’t terribly important, but it’d be nice. Perhaps you enjoy stopping into a coffee shop each morning and would be pleased to find a house across the street from one. Once you’ve found a few houses that appear to be what you want, your wishlist will help you determine which to choose.

Hopefully these tips help you find that perfect piece of The Woodlands, TX real estate. If you have any questions or would like to enlist my professional help, do not hesitate to contact me!

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Checklist for buying real estate in The Woodlands, TX