You want to raise your children in the safety of a family-friendly neighborhood and feel like you are a respected member of a community. Alden Bridge is one of the nine villages that make up The Woodlands and it is also one of the largest. Alden Bridge Woodlands homes for sale are many of the most sought after homes in Southeastern Texas with excellent schools and a lush natural setting, but it is important not to rush into buying a home, even here.

Impulse Decisions and Why they are Not Beneficial

According to the 2014 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers provided by the National Association of Realtors, buyers in 2014 typically spend ten weeks looking for a new home and saw an average of ten homes before choosing one to purchase. These statistics reveal a tendency toward caution before committing to a new home, and for good reason. Impulsivity is very dangerous when choosing a new home, particularly if the home is pre-owned. The home needs to be inspected and evaluated to ensure that everything is up to code, and you as a buyer need to have time to formulate a plan of action with your real estate agent in regards to opening offers, potential problems with the home, and closing procedures. Rushing into a purchase only puts strain on you and your agent, as you must then worry if the previous owner provided you with the best price on the home, or if there might be issues with the home that will never be resolved.

See the House in Person

The Internet is a wonderful tool to aid in the research of a listed home. It is much more convenient to scroll through homes for sale on a real estate site than it is to call each potential seller and try to set up a time to meet for a tour. However, it is important that once you have a list of eight or ten homes that you might like, you then call the listing agent and arrange to see the home in person. Pictures can be deceiving. You simply cannot get the feel for a home by looking at a picture. Plus, images can be photo-shopped. See the home in person to get a true sense of its atmosphere and esthetic quality.

Do Proper Research

It isn’t unusual to assume that a house is in perfect condition only to buy it and find out that it has a flooding problem or a leaky roof. We attribute these after-the-fact issues with the buyer’s ignorance or misrepresentation. Of course, we can avoid these issues by doing the proper research before we purchase. Hire a home inspector to check out the house’s integrity and take note of issues you find while touring the home.

Aside from the home itself, look outside of the box and research the neighborhood. A good house in a bad neighborhood isn’t worth the investment. Research the area’s zoning regulations and proposed community improvements. Ask about community restrictions. Will you be able to build that guest house next to your property for your mom when she gets older? Visit local schools and parks and check out area crime statistics. Think of the future before you buy.

Contact The Rock Star Group

There is no reason to make an impulsive decision regarding Alden Bridge Woodlands homes for sale. Just let Rick Raanes and The Rock Star Group help you choose a home that fits your personality and budget, and put some of your concerns to rest. Alden Bridge homes are located within commuting distance to Houston in The Woodlands, a planned community with its own shopping and community centers. Contact The Rock Star Group at 281-960-1900 or visit www.TheWoodlandsRockStar.com today and find your new Alden Bridge Woodlands home.


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Home Buying Tips: Don’t Get Too Attached to Alden Bridge Woodlands Homes for Sale