How to Celebrate Earth Day in The Woodlands

How to Celebrate Earth Day in The Woodlands

The celebration of Earth Day happens around the world on April 22nd. The very first Earth Day was held in the United States on April 22, 1970. Since then, it’s grown into an international day that recognizes our need for environmental awareness. For those who want to show their support for the environment, we have a handy guide on how to celebrate Earth Day in The Woodlands.

Schedule a Clean Up Day

While there are community wide events held each year that focus on cleaning the environment, you don’t need to be a part of a large group to make a difference. Schedule a day to focus on cleaning your part of the community. To make it more fun, invite friends and family to join you.

Make sure you have the proper attire and equipment before you begin. Use sturdy bags for collecting trash. Make sure you wear gloves that are well-made and will keep your hands safe. Wear boots or tennis shoes. This is not the day to sport your favorite pair of flip-flops, no matter how beautiful the weather is today.

Pay close attention to safety when it comes to placing your hands in dark places or places where dangerous items may be sitting. Watch out for animals and insects.

Have a special place for participants to clean up afterward. Encourage your friends and family to bring along a change of clothing.

After the clean-up is complete, celebrate with friends and family by having a cook-out or back yard party. You can include more activities in your clean-up day depending on how much time you want to invest.

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Plant Something Living

We use environmental resources each day no matter how Earth conscious we try to be in our day to day living. Celebrate Earth Day by planting some flowers, vegetables or a tree. Again, you may want to include friends and family in your celebration. Alternately, you may want to use this as a personal reflection time.

This activity take a bit of planning, but don’t let that stop you from choosing this activity. Speak to your local garden shop professionals to get tips on what grows best in your climate and area. They can help you decide on what to plant according to your time requirements and environmental factors.

Planting wildflowers will add color and require very little upkeep. Planting vegetables requires a bit of maintenance, but this has the added benefit of providing you with a nutritious food source. Choosing the plant a tree is a bigger project, but this is one project that will have a lasting impact on the environment in a positive way.

Trees provide us with clean air, reduce pollution and provide a home for a variety of animals and birds. When you plant a tree, you are investing in the planet and creating a precious memory for all involved. This can be an especially heartwarming project to do with a child. Imagine that child coming back to the tree you planted for years to come. As the tree grows, so does the child.

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Reduce and Reuse

This is a great day to go through your closets, attics, toy boxes, and garages to remove items that you no longer need. Don’t throw the items away! Box up your unwanted items and do something with them that is more Earth friendly.

Have a yard sale. Some communities require you to have a permit for a yard sale, so check with your local government. Set up tables and place your once needed items out for new owners to buy. If you want to make a big statement that celebrates Earth Day, donate the money you make from the yard sale to an environmental awareness charity of your choice.

Your child’s used toys could be a wonderful surprise for another child. Check with local child protection agencies, churches, and hospitals to see if your child’s used toys can be donated. That teddy bear that was tossed away as your child grew older may become a cherished friend to a child in need.

Donate household goods, clothing and other items to your local charity location. Some charity organizations have shops they use to sell donated items. There are some items that are not allowed, so be sure to check ahead before bringing your items in to the shop.

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Get Outside

One of the best ways to celebrate Earth Day is to get outside and enjoy one of the many neighborhood parks throughout The Woodlands. The Woodlands is known for having an abundance of beautiful, well-maintained parks. This abundance means that there is most likely a park within a short distance for your home. Again, this may be a wonderful way to spend time with family and friends.

One of the most amazing things about the parks in The Woodlands is the availability of places that encourage walking, biking, jogging, and hiking. There are over 200 miles of paths that connect parks throughout The Woodlands. Be sure to access our FREE interactive map that shows the locations of parks with special features in The Woodlands. (Click the yellow button at top of page!)

However you decide to celebrate Earth Day, remember to mark April 22nd as an important day on your calendar.

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How to Celebrate Earth Day in The Woodlands



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