How To Stage A House For Sale While Living In ItIf you are wondering how to stage a house for sale while living in it, here are some tips for you. Rick Raanes at The Rock Star Group is an expert in The Woodlands Real Estate. One of the items that is critically important and that Rick can help you with, is referred to as staging. Rick Raanes knows your buyer’s market and is very well versed in what works and what doesn’t, this in depth knowledge comes in handy when you’re wondering “what is it that they are looking for?” Staging your home in The Woodlands properly can help you sell your woodlands home. Here are some items to consider when staging your home:

  • Walk Into The Light – How to stage a house for sale while living in it starts with opening up those windows and let the light in, natural light is a great feature to have in a home and by re-dressing your windows and jazzing them up, you can allow that wonderful and inviting natural resource right into your home. In addition, to maximize light in the home, be sure to clean any lampshades and chandeliers or make those replacements where necessary.
  • Where’s the floor? – Remember, buyers want to maximize their buying potential, the more space a buyer can see and visualize using, the better. That means getting rid of a few things here and there. You don’t want prospective buyers walking through the home as though it were a maze, create space and fluidity by getting rid of the items that you don’t need. This also applies to closets, storage space is so important, you want to make sure that the interior floor of the closet is completely visible. See how that works? You want them to imagine storingtheir items in the closet, not yours.
  • Honey I’m Home? – There’s nothing more inviting than a properly staged kitchen, so it’s very crucial that your homes kitchen be dressed accordingly. Spruce up that dining room table by adding seasonal dinnerware, a flower vase and for good measure, when you’re showing the home, it’s a great idea to have some treats available. If you’re not a baker, go ahead and plant some store-bought baked cookies on the table. We won’t tell if you won’t. Depending on the age of your dining set, consider adding some chair covers for a clean and crisp finish.
  • Less Is More– I know how important family pictures and memorabilia can be, but when it’s time to sell your Woodlands home, it’s also time to give those items some shade for a while. Consider minimizing the appearance of cluttered walls by adding just a few pieces of art. You can find these at low cost at most craft stores. In addition, you may want to add a few indoor plants, but remember to maintain them so they’re not withering away by the time your open house comes around.

Help Is On The Way

There are a whole host of staging tips for those with or without a budget that will add to what your home in the Woodlands is worth and help you figure out how to stage a house for sale while living in it. An expert real estate agent like Rick Raanes, who is based out of The Rock Star Group, can assist and guide you through the entire staging process. The items listed above are just a few ideas. Selling a home in The Woodlands can be stressful, but with the help of an experienced professional, help is always a phone call away. The leading provider of real estate services is The Rock Star Group, this local team of dedicated professionals offer their knowledge and skill to help you maximize your potential profits.

Expertise and Reliability

Agents like Rick Raanes and the rest of the team at Rock Star Realty Group will consult with you to help ascertain what your home in the Woodlands is worth and how to expand on its value. The Rock Star Group has done all of the research for you, they know the community, the market and most importantly, the buyers. This dedicated team is available to answer all of your questions and concerns, as well as walk you through important items like upgrading, improving or staging your home.

If you’re in the sellers’ market in the greater Woodlands, TX area, contact your neighbors at The Rock Star Group, Rick Raanes and his colleagues are at your service. Don’t hesitate in making that call today, find out what your home in the Woodlands is worth and how to proceed in cultivating the most ideal atmosphere and tone for getting your home sold quickly.


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