11 Legato Way Web-Ready 01Selling a home is a major life change. It usually involves moving, the exchange of large amounts of money, as well as many different emotions. The house you are selling probably holds many memories for you. Perhaps it was the first home you bought after getting married. Maybe you raised children there. Regardless of what your home means to you, it is best to learn how to cherish those memories while detaching them from the house. Having emotions entangled in the selling process of your house in The Woodlands will make the entire thing more difficult for you and potential buyers. Here are tips on keeping your emotions out of your house sale:

Call it a “house”

Although the words “house” and “home” can be used almost interchangeably, there is a difference between them. A “house” refers to the physical structure where as a “home” refers to a place you feel comfortable, live in, and relax with loved ones. Starting now, call the place you have for sale a “house.” This will help you view it as a piece of property rather than something you feel attachment towards. Where ever you are moving should be referred to as your new “home.” The language you use will mentally reinforce the shift.

Depersonalize the house

Depersonalize your house by removing anything that is unique to you or your family. This includes framed photographs, your child’s artwork hanging on the refrigerator, books, posters, and DVDs. Removing these items and putting them into storage (or donating those you no longer want) will help you in two ways. First, when your house looks neutral, it will be easier for you to view it neutrally. Second, a depersonalized house is more attractive to potential buyers. They want to be able to imagine your house as their future home. The less of you they see in it, the more room they have to imagine them in it.

Do not attend open houses or showings

If you have hired a professional, there is no reason for you to attend the open houses or showings. Let the professional handle it. Potential buyers will walk around the house openly discussing what they do and do not like. Hearing someone plan to tear down that wall you built yourself or rip out the tile you think is gorgeous might hurt your feelings. Also, having the home owner at an open house or showing can make potential sellers feel a little uncomfortable, as if they are being closely watched.

Let a professional handle negotiations

Home owners often find their emotions creeping in during the negotiation process. Buyers are going to try to buy the house for as cheap as they possibly can. However, a low ball offer might be insulting to a home seller. A professional won’t take the low ball offers personally or react out of emotion. Discuss how low you will go with your professional and then let them take it from there.

Hopefully these tips help as you sell your The Woodlands, TX home. If you have any questions about buying or selling, or if you want to know more information about the area, do not hesitate to contact me.

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Keep your emotions out of your The Woodlands, TX house sale



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