Unlike the front door and entryway that is so important to the curb appeal of your Woodlands, TX home, the garage is important to maintain as well. In fact, while most people utilize the garage without ever stopping to think about its upkeep, there are certain steps you can take to maintain your home’s value simply by paying attention to this feature of homes in The Woodlands.

Check the Garage Door
Many garage doors do come self-lubricated or with plastic pieces that don’t need oil, but older doors with metal hardware will occasionally need oiling. How to do it? “Use a leaf blower to blast all the grit, grime, dust, cobwebs, and dead bugs from the door’s parts,” one garage expert told Houselogic. Simply keeping the door in tip-top shape will be a big hit with the home buyers if you’re in the market to sell your Woodlands home as it’s one less task they will need to take on.

Also, check the bottom of the garage door where many have seals. Many times this can chip away or harden over time and with wear and tear— a replacement will run about $100. One more inspection to perform while on this element of the garage is to test the sensors to be sure it will not close if your pet or child happen to be under it.

Clean the Floor
This is probably one of the most overlooked areas of The Woodlands, TX area homes. You’ll want to hose it down every year to prevent stains and marks that can be caused by work done in the space, the weather, or even leaks from your vehicles. Small cracks in the flooring are typically no cause for concern, but larger concrete that may be cracked or crumbling is a task you’ll want to tend to. You can patch the concrete yourself or if the project is a larger one, consider replacing the slab altogether.

Watch for Pests
When buying a home in The Woodlands, no one wants to hear that the property has pests— even if they’re confined to the garage. One way to ensure this doesn’t happen to your home is to check the areas of the garage where the foundation meets the walls. These cool, dark places are typically areas where ants and termites can gather. If you see trails of sawdust, consider contacting pest control. But a timely inspection of these places can keep you on the up and up when it comes to protecting against pests.

All of these tips and more can be helpful for Woodlands homeowners, especially if you are preparing to sell and move to a new home in the area. Ready to start your search for The Woodlands real estate? Contact us today to begin looking for homes for sale in The Woodlands that match your criteria and meet all of your home buying needs.

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Keeping up the Garage at Your Woodlands, TX Home