Kitchen Tips for Staging Your HomeKitchen Tips for Staging Your Home

There are very few rooms that outshine a kitchen when it comes to selling a home. Whether they enjoy cooking for a crowd or rarely cook at all, you can see potential home buyers’ eyes light up when they see an immaculate kitchen with all the best appliances. You want to produce that gasp of awe when a buyer walks in to your kitchen. These kitchen tips for staging your home should help!

Step One: Cleaning

Kitchens can collect dirt and grease in odd places. For this reason, you want to take special care to clean everything until it shines like a diamond and squeaks when you run your finger across the top. This might sound time consuming, but the time and care you spend on this step will benefit you in the selling of your home.

Don’t forget to clean baseboards, stove hoods, the area under cabinets, and top shelves you never touch. Pay special attention to the side of your appliances and where they meet with cabinets. Get the crevices where your cabinets meet the floor. If you have tile, clean the grout. Clean the inside of your dishwasher.

Of course, you can do all this work yourself, but if you are short on time there are other options. It may be worth it to you to hire a cleaning company to come in and do a thorough job in your kitchen. Not only will this save you time, but professional cleaning companies have supplies and equipment that help them get the job done at a higher level.

Step Two: Kick Out the Clutter

While it may be handy for you to have every appliance you own sitting on the counters, a potential home buyer will see a lack of counter space and clutter. Neatly pack away your small appliances.

Take the magnets off your refrigerator. Organize your spices and canned goods. Take notice if you have an abundance of cooking utensils, plates, pans, or cups. Take it down to a small set of each item and pack the rest away. You want potential buyers to see things in your cabinets are orderly. Even something as small as making sure all the dishware matches can create an impact on their impression.

Step Three: Remove Yourself

You might love your collection of 150 cookbooks, but this is the time to pack those away. What about all the family photos on that shelf? Again, pack them away. Any knickknacks, photos, or other personal items should be taken out of the kitchen.

You want potential homebuyers to have a clean slate to look at when they walk in your kitchen. You want them to envision their personal touches. Removing yourself from the kitchen décor allows them the freedom to see themselves spending time in the kitchen.

What if you’ve spent years building your kitchen pigs collection? I mean, you have matching curtains, a pig sponge holder, and matching pot holders! Surely, a potential home buyer will love them as much as you do. Wrong. You’re taking a big gamble if you leave your decorating touch on things. Consider replacing curtains and other items with a theme décor with neutral items.

Step Four: The Staging

So, you’ve removed everything and the kitchen you have lived with the past 10 years is sparkling like you never dreamed was possible. Something isn’t right, though. It looks cold and sparse. This is where the fun of staging begins!

If you have an eat-in kitchen, bring in a small table and a couple chairs to show that space off to potential buyers. A smaller table makes the area look spacious. Add a rug under the table to help the buyer see this as a distinct place that is still connected to the kitchen.

If you have built-in shelves, place neutral objects on them in small amounts. Depending on the size, this might be a great place to put a bowl of fruit or a stand with an open cookbook that has plenty of beautiful photos.

Make sure that the light is shining through those windows and not being blocked by anything inside or outside. Use beautiful green plants to make the space seem alive and friendly.

Step Five: Professional Help

If it all sounds like too much to handle, you can always rely on your real estate professional for tips and advice for staging your kitchen. They will also know people who stage homes professionally. For some people, this is the best option.

The Rock Star Group would love to help you learn more about staging your home so that it sells quickly. Give us a call at 281-960-1900.

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Kitchen Tips for Staging Your Home



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