When you are out in the market looking to buy homes for sale in the Woodlands, it is important to narrow down your search. If you don’t, you may end up wasting time and energy looking at a lot of houses you don’t like. You may also wind up spending more money than you originally planned, because you liked the house that needed a lot of renovation work.

The best way to narrow your search is to make a list of not just all the different features you want in your dream house, but also a specific list of what you don’t want. The thumb rule is to refer frequently to the list. This is especially important because when you happen to land your eyes on a house that has most of what you like, you don’t really notice the aspects you dislike; much to your everlasting regret. Furthermore, a comprehensive list will help you decide where and how you’re willing to compromise.

Here are some guidelines we, The Rock Star Group, have prepared to get you started with your list.

True Cost of the Home: Make a list of the things that would go into the true cost of the home for sale in the Woodlands, Texas. Apart from the cost per square foot, this should include various fees, the external and internal condition of the house, whether the house is fully furnished, and the working condition of the electrical fittings and plumbing. If you buy a house that is not furnished, you need to decide whether you want to furnish it all at once or in stages, and factor the cost of furnishings into the budget for the house. Also note down how much are you willing to go over the budget. Considering the volatile state of the real estate market, it is wise to have a comfortable margin.

Living Space: What kind of living space do you want? This is a decision best taken after consulting all family members who will inhabit the home. Specific points to consider will be whether you prefer a multi-storied house or a single level (very important if you have older people or young babies in the house). Consider whether you want an open plan or specific utility spaces. Remember to also consider the following:
– shared bathrooms
– skylights
– storage space
– space-consuming unnecessary passages
– ventilation
– the amount of natural light
– your choice for weather-proofing rooms
– flooring
– whether the house has front/backyards (private or open)

Repairs: How much are you willing to spend on repairs? If the home for sale is structurally sound but needs plenty of patchwork, would you go ahead and buy it? On the other hand, a home may appear to be in excellent condition but may require extensive restoration further down the line. When you make your list, remember to note down to find out details about the architects or builders who have built these homes for sale in the Woodlands. Make a note to talk to people who have bought and lived in their houses about the quality of the construction of both the interiors and the exterior. Choosing or eliminating specific styles or architects will markedly help you narrow down the choices.

If you don’t plan on buying a furnished house, including the measurements of all the furniture you own to your list will help eliminate some of the other homes for sale in the Woodlands without having to visit them. It also might help you decide which furniture to get rid of.

You can start looking at houses you want to buy armed with a basic checklist. As you take a tour of the properties for sale, plenty of other positives and negatives may pop up in your head. To ensure that you don’t forget these, always have something handy so you can jot down your ideas immediately and leisurely integrate them into your checklist or make comparison charts.

One of the best things a comprehensive list can do for you when you go shopping for homes for sale in the Woodlands is keep you grounded and streamline your priorities. It is often easy to get carried away by impractical attractive features and later regret making unfeasible decisions. Your lists and charts will help you keep sight of your chief concerns.

If you are planning to buy a home in The Woodlands area or you have any questions, contact Rick Ranes of The Rock Star Group at 281-960-1900 or visit www.TheWoodlandsRockStar.com.


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