Curb Appeal, Staging A House, Start with the Kitchen

Selling a home is stressful for any homeowner. If dealing with movers, packing, and finding new school districts isn’t nail-biting enough, putting your home on the market can cause a seller anxiety and many sleepless nights.  Though the market in the Woodlands, TX area has rebounded, a seller wants to ensure that he or she is positioning their home in the right way as to attract the perfect buyer. High curb appeal is critical (this is one case where you CAN judge a book by its cover) but potential buyers aren’t just purchasing the outside of your home. A seller needs to consider making the interior as inviting and appealing as possible.  Where to start?

The Kitchen

The kitchen is the central hub of activity for all family members.  Whether used for holiday entertaining, a casual family dinner or an impromptu party, the kitchen is a popular gathering place.  Make this room a focal point for your staging plan.

To prepare for staging this room, clean, clean and clean some more!  This kitchen should be of model-quality. Remove any personal items from the area (such as family photos, children’s artwork on the refrigerator, magnets, etc.).  Be sure to rid the room of any strong cooking odors before a showing. The last thing you would want a potential buyer to smell is last night’s fish fry! Wipe down the counters and mop the floors.

You may want to invest in a new coat of paint.  This can be an inexpensive way to brighten and freshen up the room as well as add warmth to any decor.

Depending on the type of lighting that is installed, if possible, consider adding a few new soft white bulbs.  You don’t want the lighting in this room to be too harsh. If you are fortunate to have windows in your kitchen, take advantage of it and spruce them up with new window treatments or inexpensive curtains. Let the natural light come through.

Remove the dust and cooking residue from your cabinets.  This can be particularly prevalent with cabinets place directly above the stove.

Vacuum the baseboards.  This is a common dust collector so rid this area of dust and debris.

If you have a dishwasher, empty it out (yes, people are nosey and will open it!).  Save yourself any embarrassment and put the dishes away.

Take a sturdy sponge and rid the stovetop of any grime and grease. Don’t forget the burner knobs (these are notorious for trapping grease).

After you have sparkled, scrubbed, vacuumed and swept, place all of your cleaning supplies out of sight.

The trick to staging your home-and kitchen in particular-is being a smart seller. It does not have to drain your bank account. Remember the old acronym “KISS” (keep it simple stupid).  The simplest things can have the most effective results.

Rick Raanes, The Woodlands Tx Realtor

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