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Bidding wars were big news in the crazy days of the real estate bubble. Then, stories of multiple offers and frenzied buyers paying well over the asking price were commonplace. While we are a far cry from the frenetic buying activity that took place pre-housing crash, bidding wars are making a comeback. This spells opportunity for sellers who know how to spur this type of buyer interest in their property. Here are six strategies for homeowners in The Woodlands, TX on driving your own bidding war.

  1. Price to sell

Bidding wars happen when inventory is tight. Keen home seekers know exactly what is for sale in The Woodlands, TX real estate market and will be ready to pounce when a suitable property comes along. Therefore, the most interest and action for your home will occur in the first week after listing. This makes it essential to price your home well. To drive demand, price your home slightly lower than what it’s worth.

  1. Free your schedule

To create a bidding war, you have to make potential buyers feel like they are missing out on something special if they do not make an offer straight away. It follows that you are not going to set the stage for a bidding competition unless you make it very easy for buyers to come and check out your home. This might involve scheduling showings back to back, so free your schedule or make sure your real estate agent can access your home in The Woodlands, TX at all times.

  1. Stage to sell

Your home in The Woodlands, TX is more likely to generate interest if it is staged to out-shine the competition. The usual advice applies: clear the clutter, remove any personal items and scrub every surface until it sparkles. The look you are going for is five-star hotel meets “Better Homes and Gardens,” so buyers can definitely see themselves living in your home.

  1. Pre-game through digital media

The website and social media networks are a great way to create a buzz about your home. The trick is to start early. Create a sale-oriented website with professional pictures of your home and a floor plan so buyers can visualize how their furniture will fit.  Drive interest by linking the site on social media networks. Let people know your property will be available soon, price undisclosed, to generate the maximum hype before you even formally list the home for sale. The bigger the splash you can make, the more urgently motivated buyers will be when your home hits the multiple listing service.

  1. Ready, steady, open!

Hosting an open house event is the perfect way to bring the previous two strategies together. But you will have to act fast. With a seven day “buzz” window, you’ll need to stage an open house that is full of potential buyers the first weekend after listing your home in The Woodlands, TX.

  1. Host a broker open house

A broker open house is a great way of gaining greater exposure in the market. Local brokers get to see your home and a lot of times some agents will realize that it is perfect for one of their clients. In effect, you are enlisting the help of dozens of agents and tapping into their buyers’ lists — perfect for starting a bidding war.

ConsThe Woodlands Txult your local real estate agent about how to get your home in The Woodlands, TX sold. Contact Rick Raanes at the Rock Star Group to find out the best way to sell your home. The Rock Star Group is a top notch real estate team who will put your needs first and get your home sold for top dollar.

Want to know how much your home is worth in The Woodlands, TX? Visit TheWoodlandsRockStar.com to find out.

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Selling a home in The Woodlands, TX: Six Tips for Creating a Bidding War