Staging Your Home for Sale in The Woodlands Home: Let There Be Light

Selling your home in The Woodlands, TX is much easier when the home is ‘staged’ for the sale. Home staging involves preparing the home, both interior and exterior, for showing by improving its appearance. One way to stage the home is with the help of lighting. Although it is no secret that The Woodlands offers immaculate homes and superb living, selling a home quickly is dependent upon its appearance. A seller who has taken the time to create an inviting home is the seller who will be able to enhance their experience and ensure that the home is off of the market in no time. Taking a bit of extra time to properly stage the home with the right lighting techniques will attract more interest in the home, help you sell at a higher price, and give you an overall advantage in a competitive market.

Take a look at these home staging tips that you shouldn’t forsake when it is time to sell your home. These tips apply to all rooms inside of your home.

1. Goodbye, Cobwebs

To perfectly stage a home, you must think like the buyer. During this thought process, can you really think of anything worse than seeing cobwebs in all of the corners of the home? No one likes to think that there could be a cobweb in their home, but there very well could be one (or two) lurking beyond your eyes’ view. Make sure that you look high for cobwebs and remove them all before your home is placed on the market for sale.

2. Replace Light Bulbs

The lighting inside of a home tells a story in itself. If there are bulbs that have burnt out, do not leave them be. Instead, replace each light bulb, using an energy-efficient LED bulb that will capture the true essence of the home. Bulbs that immerse 100 watts are recommended, and make sure that you have this amount of lighting per 50 square foot of space inside the home. These bulbs allow more natural light inside, which creates a comforting, relaxed setting. This is a cost-effective procedure that takes little effort, but makes a world of difference in the look of the home.

3. Open Curtains & Blinds

Again, natural lighting is important when selling a home because it creates that easiness that a buyer desires in their new home. By opening blinds and curtains, you allow light to seep inside of the home, helping create the perfect effect for selling a home.

4. Move Furniture away from Windows

There’s a myth that furniture should always be placed alongside walls and near windows. Instead of believing this untruth, move your furniture away from the windows. Not only will this allow the natural lighting to come through the windows more vividly, it will also create more space and make the room appear larger. You are certain to love this new look just as much as the buyer.

5. Replace old or Outdated Light Fixtures

There should be three different types of lighting in the main rooms of your home: ambient lighting or overhead lighting; accent lighting, or table and wall lamps; and task lamps, or that which is located under a cabinet or for reading. Ensure that each of these lighting fixtures is modernly styled and fits well with the other décor inside of your home.

6. Wash Windows Inside & Out

Whether you hire a professional or handle the task on your own, washing the windows on the inside and out is something that must be done in order to help your home look its absolute best. Washing the windows ensures that the natural lighting we have been talking about is warmly invited inside, while also reducing the ugliness that fingerprints and other window grime brings with it.

The Woodlands, TX is home to close to 100,000 residents, with rapidly growing numbers. It is a desirable community that provides its residents with the finer things in life while also maintaining the simplicity that people desire in their hometown. Staging your home with the best lighting using the tips above will ensure that you make a warm welcome to a new family.

When you’re ready to sell your home, be sure that you give Rick Raanes at The Rock Star Group a call. As an experienced professional real estate agent, Raanes has what you need to sell your The Woodlands, TX home with ease. Rick can be reached at 281-960-1900. If you prefer, you can visit for more information on our home-selling process.

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